TREXIO source code documentation

TREXIO is an open-source file format and library developed for the storage and manipulation of data produced by quantum chemistry calculations. It was designed with the goal of providing a reliable and efficient method of storing and exchanging wave function parameters and matrix elements.

The library consists of a front-end implemented in the C programming language and two different back-ends: a text back-end and a binary back-end utilizing the HDF5 library enabling fast read and write speeds. It is compatible with a variety of platforms and has interfaces for Fortran, Python, and OCaml.

If you use TREXIO, please cite this article published in the Journal of Chemical Physics:

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If you don't have access to the journal, you can access the manuscript on arXiv:2302.14793.

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The source code of the library is available at https://github.com/trex-coe/trexio and bug reports should be submitted at https://github.com/trex-coe/trexio/issues.

The TREXIO library is licensed under the open-source 3-clause BSD license.

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